Sunday, 31 August 2008

Craft Fair

So to Atherstone Memorial Hall for a craft fair in aid of teenage cancer sufferers. Always happy to support a good cause and I know Emma Cartwright tried her best to get this off the ground. Sadly there were few visitors so not much to do but sit and gossip and have a look at what everybody else is doing! I particularly loved the woven bags from Rachel Sturgess, and resin jewellery by Pennydog - both fellow members of

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Mummy's Boy

This little beauty is a such a Mummy's boy. Sully just loves to be picked up so that he can wrap his paws around my neck, he really doesn't think that he is a cat. He also likes to come walking with Kaiser, and if we don't wait for him to catch up he soon starts calling to us to hold on a minute. It amuses the neighbours at least.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Crocheted jewellery

I just love to make crocheted wire bracelets and necklaces. This one is one of my favourites, great colour and the crystals catch the light beautifully. This actually matches with a necklace but I've made loads using different colour wire and beads, including some pearls and swarovski crystals.

Meet Kaiser

This is Kaiser my crazy German Pointer. He's alternatively cherished and chastised by my two cats. He hasn't realized that he is nine years old and still rushes around like a puppy. Wherever I go in the house he is right there behind me - my faithful companion.

School Holidays

Why oh why are they so very long? "Kevin" has been off since July 4th and we still have half a week to go. We've just had Kevin's friend to stay for a couple of days so yesterday we went bowling, and I came last as usual. This morning we (and I mean we) are wrestling with some maths homework. Sadly we are both as bad as each other so its the blind leading the blind. I can't wait to have the house to myself next week and get back to what I love - jewellery making.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

jewellery making

My biggest passion right now is making jewellery. I got the bug after being invited to a jewellery party two years ago, seeing some wonderful pieces and deciding "I could do that!". Now after going on several courses and working the rest out for myself, I am designing and creating my own. I love working with wire and particularly like making knitted or crocheted wire necklaces and bracelets. I'm in the process of taking over "Kevin's" playroom seeing as he doesn't use it any more. it is going to give me so much more space to indulge my creative side. At this rate I may even work out how to use the sewing machine at long last!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Olympics London 2012

It's official, Boris has accepted the Olympic flag and now we have four years to get London 2012 off the ground. After the razzmatazz of the Beijing opening, the arrival of a London bus (on time for once) didn't quite have the impact I would have liked. If the aging Jimmy Page and recent rising star Leona Lewis are supposed to represent the best of Britain then I am a little disappointed. Biggest cheer of course to David Beckham and rightly so - at least our youngsters can relate to him. Things can only get better as Tony Blair once said, and look where that got us!

My very first blog

Not quite sure why I decided to post my very first blog in the early hours of the morning but it seemed like a good idea at the time. It seems that everybody is blogging these days and I don't want to get left behind! My eleven year old - we'll call him Kevin for reasons that will become apparent -
will be so impressed (or so embarrassed) when he finds out.