Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Blog Candy

Just received these Halloween goodies from Jen Fee of Flurogoddess. "Kevin" jumped a mile when I crept up on him with the big fat rubber worm hehe! I love the badges and I am going to try creating some cards - that's a first - using the black and orange card.
I've been playing around with felt today as well as my paper beads, all will be revealed in due course.... And in an attempt to make more productive use of the many hours that I spend watching my talented son play badminton, I have taken up knitting again twenty years on. I have found some fab wool and I am starting off gently with a scarf and we'll see how things progress from there!


Buffy said...

I got mine too so well presented too how lovely x x

Did you have to smell and lick the worm to make sure it really wasn't edible?

I did *Blush* hehehehe

x x

Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Well done you - I missed out on this one - boo hoo