Wednesday, 6 January 2010

So It's A New Year

So it's 2010 and time for all those new year resolutions that we make every year ~ well maybe that's just me. As usual I have made a few and set a few goals and I am determined to stick to them. I am going to share a few with you all and if you see me breaking any please feel free to give me a swift reminder!!
My first resolution is to stop Twittering during the day ~ it takes up far too much time and I can always spend a little evening time catching up. Second resolution is to stop all FB games ~ way too time-consuming and a complete waste of time. Those two resolutions will free up time to concentrate on what is really important and that is my writing.
I have done very little writing in the last year or so and I so want to get back to it. In December 2008 my short story was short-listed in a competition run by the local paper yet I haven't written since. My ultimate goal is to have a piece of my work published and distributed nationally but I am going to take baby steps to get there.
I have set myself the task of writing for at least one hour every day. My intention is to enter a variety of writing competitions so that I will hopefully get some feedback. At the same time I will begin work on a full length novel. It won't be easy but it is possible and with the help of a little cosmic ordering I will get there and then you can all rush out and order my book!!!
Meanwhile I leave you with a Pantoum ~

The Snail

Slithers through the grass
house upon his back
leaves a trail like glass
a silver shiny track

House upon his back
he lives inside a shell
a shiny silver track
to mark his progress well

He lives inside a shell
signs his name in slime
to mark his progress well
he slowly takes his time

Signs his name in slime
you'll never see him run
he slowly takes his time
until his work is done

Slithers through the grass
moving to and fro
leaves a trail like glass
wherever he may go

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Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Good resolutions - I think we are all guilty of spending far too much time tweeting, on FB, surfing etc. It's an addiction!!

If you keep to yours, you will have so much time - it's surprising.

Happy New Year