Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Recognition at Last!

Well guess who is going to be included in a crafting spread in Prima magazine next March? Oh yes that will be me! I responded to a post on Crafts Forum from a journalist looking for women in their 40's/50's who have taken up crafting once their children have grown up. My little "Kevin" is now 12 so is beginning to do his own thing in life so I put myself forward and hey presto a telephone interview this morning. Now I promise not to let fame go to my head - but if you could just remove all red smarties from my craft room and lay on the champagne... At the very least I hope the article will include a big plug for Crafts Forum and all the wonderful crafters that I have come across who are all so talented.
Meanwhile I have included a photo of a fun necklace mades with lots of strands of seed and myuki beads.

1 comment:

Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Well done, hope you get lots of response from the article. It could do wonders to your sales!

Let me know when the magazine is available and I'll be queueing up to buy it.